10 Tips to Get Promoted

It is an honor to get promoted within your company. A promotion proves to yourself and others that you know how to get the job done and that the management is pleased with your performance. What must you do to get the promotion that you’ve been seeking? Here are some tips.

1. Look around

Look at the characteristics of those people above you and emulate them. What talents do they have? What skills do they use on a daily basis? Show off your best qualities to capture their attention.

2. Show up to work on time

This is one of the basics that must be repeated. If you are assigned a schedule, live up to that schedule. Being five or ten minutes late every day gives the impression that you are irresponsible and not likely to handle a promotion. It is often best to show up five minutes early.

3. Just do it

You can ask for forgiveness easier than you can ask for permission. The people who you would need permission from are normally extremely busy. There is a chance that waiting for that permission will take longer than the optimum window for what you are planning. Take the risks like a manager and see if your idea works.

4. Make your company look good

Every employee at your company has the responsibility to make the company look good in the customers’ eyes. Come up with ways to make your company stand out. Think about your company from the perspective of the customer and come up with processes to make the experience better.

5. Talk to people

Company picnics and outings are perfect opportunities to meet the people within your company in a more relaxed setting. If the people who are responsible for promotions do not know that you exist, they will more than likely pass you by. Offer something valuable to conversations at the water cooler. Make a point to talk to everyone.

6. Ask for responsibility

You want to show that you’re a team player and a go-getter. You want to show that you are results oriented and eager to make your company look good. Ask for more responsibilities and show them how well you can contribute to the team. Train yourself and train others.

7. Attitude!

You want people at your work to see you as a source of advice and inspiration rather than a whiner. Smiles and laughter are contagious, so keep a positive attitude at all times. You might flag some days, but do not let that diminish your enthusiasm.

8. Take a larger view

Someone in management looks at the larger view of the company. They are able to see how the parts of the company intersect to make a viable whole. Examine the systems that are within your company to understand why they were put into place. Look at the company from overhead to see if there are any systems which you can optimize.

9. Do your best

You want your work to shine above all others. Go that extra mile to make sure expectations are exceeded. Put your heart and soul into your job performance, and it will be noticed. If you are willing to take the extra steps, you will be promoted.

10. Do the work of the job you’re after

Perform the job duties of the position that you want. For what is your manager responsible? Do not neglect your own job duties in the process, but see if there is any possible way that you can help the department that you wish to join.

If you want to be promoted, you need to make sure that you are the best person for the job. Do everything that you are asked, take on more responsibilities and show up on time and you will gradually climb up the corporate ladder.

As a full time tech writer, James Adams covers the latest news and developments in tech releases at a specialist ink cartridges store in the UK. Most of his day is taken up with reviewing products like HP 901XL ink, but when he has enough spare time he enjoys writing about art and design on their blog.