10 things not to do before a 6am flight

  1. Test new alarm ringtones
  2. Sign up for travel confirm call (it sucks to be woken up an hour earlier than planned (in my case 3 a.m) and scared over who could be calling and why)
  3. Go to sleep at 1 a.m. under the assumption you’ll be able to sleep sometime before your big meeting
  4. Wait until morning to pack the important things
  5. See how many times you can get away with hitting the snooze button
  6. Take a sleeping pill to really maximize your 3 1/2 hours of ZZZs
  7. Assume you’ll find a taxi
  8. Assume no one will be at airport security
  9. Try to match your dark blues, browns and black socks
  10. Forget the suit you hung up instead of packing it so it wouldn’t wrinkle

(P.S. I wrote this at the airport yesterday morning as I was waiting for my 6 a.m. flight to Philadelphia…)